Language is made of sound. AnkiMaster flashcards teach you through the combination of pictures and sound. We combine Anki’s flashcard technology with real native speakers to create a completely unique learning experience for every student.

When I was studying Spanish I discovered a new and very powerful way of learning by sharing my flashcards with my teachers. They helped me make and organize my flashcards. They checked and corrected my sentences, gave notes and grammar explanations, wrote original sentences related to my life to help me understand new words and recorded the sentences with their voices. All of my flashcards were SUPER personalized. They were much easier to remember because they were related to my life and had voices of people that I knew, my own Spanish teachers.

When I study my flashcards and hear the voices of my teachers, I can remember our conversations and how they explained different things about the Spanish language to me. Most of my vocabulary connected directly to my conversations with my teachers. This helped me recall the words much faster and more fluently because I had a real memory connected to a real conversation that I had with a real person. I wasn’t just learning vocabulary, I was acquiring and integrating everything into my natural self-expression.

I realized I discovered a very powerful method for learning new languages. I call this method the AnkiMaster Method, which is based on creating flashcards with original and personally relevant content.

AnkiMaster Flashcard Subscritions

I’ve created AnkiMaster Flashcard Subscriptions so my students can learn just like I did with my Spanish teachers.

Flashcard subscriptions help you save time so you can learn better and faster. Our AM Flashcard Assistants will help you make flashcards.

In less than 24 hours, our team of flashcard assistants will

  • Check and correct your sentences
  • Record audio for your words and sentences
  • Select a context-appropriate definition for your target word

We have two different subscription options:

AnkiMaster Flashcards Standard

$30/month – Up to 100 flashcards/month, good for beginners and part-time students

AnkiMaster Flashcards Plus

$60/month – Up to 250 flashcards/month, good for advanced students and full-time students

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