I organize all of your lesson information into a document in Evernote. The Lessons Summaries Document has lots of useful information:

  • What we did in our previous lessons
  • The homework to finish before your next lesson
  • Links to helpful tutorials

Format of the Lesson Summaries Document

Let’s look at an example. This is the first section of the document. Here you will find

  • A link to leave feedback after the lesson
  • Links to the most useful tutorials
  • Your regular lesson time in my time zone and yours

The next section shows you a summary of each lesson.

Under each date you can find the homework that I have assigned. You can click the check box to track your progress.

How to access your Lesson Summaries Document

There are two ways to access your Lesson Summaries Document

  • Using the link that I provide to you
  • From the Evernote App

Using the link

I will give you a link to your Lesson Summaries Document. You can click the link and view it in your internet browser. I recommend bookmarking this page so you can find it easily later.

DON’T CLICK on “Save Copy to Evernote” This document is live and updates automatically after each lesson. You don’t want to make a copy because it will not update after each lesson.

Using Evernote

You can also access the document from Evernote. You will have to download and install Evernote. See How to set up and use Evernote

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