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Hello. My name is Vinny. I’m from Wisconsin in the United States. I have been learning and teaching languages for over 10 years. I specialize in teaching English and Spanish for advanced learners who want to accelerate their learning with the power of technology. I developed and created the AnkiMaster system for learning languages.

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Do you regret not learning a new language earlier in your life? Do you wish you had bilingual parents so you could have just learned as a kid? 

Don’t worry. I understand. I grew up as a typical monolingual American and didn’t seriously think about learning new languages until I first traveled to Thailand when I was 21. Ten years later I have studied Thai, Japanese and Spanish.

I have good news for you!

It’s never too late to start learning a new language. I’m not saying that just to make you feel better. Learning languages as an adult has never been easier! 

ANYBODY can learn a new language

YOU can learn a new language!

I will help you improve your communication with native speakers so you can be more successful in your personal and professional relationships. In my classes you will learn to

  • Speak confidently with correct pronunciation.
  • Express yourself efficiently and accurately using the right words and expressions
  • Understand the natural speed of English/Spanish as in TV, movies and podcasts
  • How to motivate yourself and maintain constant effort but have fun at the same time!

I’m not just a teacher. I am a learning coach. I was not perfect when I started learning languages. I understand your challenges and I will support you until you are satisfied with your level of English/Spanish.

Teaching Style

My teaching is CREATIVE but organized at the same time. I love to teach using technology: flashcards, dictionaries, powerpoints, google images, and live recording are some of the tools I use during our lessons. 

I am friendly, patient, and adaptable. I’m very curious and I want to know about you, your life story, your country and your culture. I believe the most important thing when learning languages is MOTIVATION. I want you to have fun while your learn. Having fun = more motivation. In my classes you will have a fun, interactive and creative experience. We don’t just practice boring grammar exercises. We look at pictures, make flashcards, write stories, and have interesting conversations.

About me

I started traveling and teaching in Asia with children. Later, I decided to develop a method and technology to learn languages. I taught myself Spanish practically without classes or teachers using my own method in combination with SRS (spaced-repetition software) technology. During my time learning Japanese, I had used SRS to memorize 2,000 kanji which are complex symbols that you must memorize in order to read Japanese. Since that experience, I have become obsessed with using technology to accelerate and improve learning languages. I have been developing this work since 2016 and have seen great results. I’m excited to see how my students can learn so well and so fast using completely new techniques.

My background is in video editing and media-related technology. In the past 10 years, I have lived in four different countries and visited many others. I have studied Thai, Japanese and Spanish. My interests include Yoga, meditation, travel, Native American shamanism and plant medicines, organic & natural food, reading, electronic music, dancing, and writing.

I chose to learn Spanish in order to heal my brain after suffering from PTSD for several years and to become more connected to the world of the shamans of Latin America. I successfully recovered and believe that learning a new language can restore brain damage, develop new aspects of your personality, and fundamentally change the way you think and how your brain works.

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My process learning Spanish

Check out this video of my process learning Spanish!

Many adventures!