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Vinny Champeau

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My name is Vinny. I have been a teacher my entire life. In 2016 I began practicing Yoga to help myself heal from PTSD. I completed my yoga teacher certification in 2019 with intentions of deepening my practice and sharing it with others. My specialties includes vinyasa flow, Tantra, and meditation. My style of yoga can be both strong and demanding or relaxed and meditative depending on what you’re looking for.

You know you need some yoga in your life if you experience some of these problems:
😫You don’t have any motivation to exercise regularly.
😣You have chronic body pains in your neck, shoulders, back, etc.
😰You often feel rushed and it’s difficult to relax.
😬🥱You’re restless at night and tired during the day.
😒Meditation is boring or doesn’t work for you.
🧘You want to have a more spiritual life but you don’t know how to.
You know that if you don’t do something, your physical and mental health will continue to get worse, making it even harder to fix later. If you don’t change, you could develop more serious health problems. Your less-than-optimal health will prevent you from fully enjoying your life and your relationships. 
With my help, you will be able eliminate or at least minimize most of these problems and build a strong foundation for your physical and mental health.
😃You will feel more motivated to take care of your health.
🪄Most body pains will disappear.
☮️Your mind will be naturally more calm and relaxed.
💤You’ll sleep better at night and have more energy during the day☀️
🙏You’ll be able to create a more spiritual connection with yourself.
My program is specifically designed for beginners with little to no experience with yoga.
With my program, you’ll have everything you need to
✔️Create your own personal yoga routine according to the needs of your body and mind.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Optimize your health so you can fully enjoy your life and your relationships.
😁Feel clear, calm and awesome every day.
If this sounds interesting to you, book a trial lesson today!

About me

I began my teaching career in Asia as an English teacher. Since then I have traveled to and lived in several different countries and studied a few languages including Thai, Japanese, and Spanish.

I remember sometime in 2016 reading an article online that said yoga and meditation could eliminate more than 50% of Americans’ health problems. This really intrigued me. I was already practicing meditation regularly but hadn’t had any experience with Yoga. I originally decided to learn Yoga to help me sleep better but found the practice continued to provide many kinds of health benefits in my life: reduced body tension and stiffness, especially in the neck in back, better management of heavy emotions like depression, and anxiety. I’m continuously amazed by the healing power of Yoga. I have no doubt that I will be practicing Yoga for the rest of my life.

I did my Yoga teacher training in Ecuador. I wanted to do something different that also incorporated my interests in languages and shamanic cultures. I found this interesting school in Ecuador called Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra, Yoga, Arts, & Shamanism. As you can see, we studied a wide variety of subjects including art, dance, theater, mantras, massage, and elements of Native American shamanism!