In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to download audio files from Google Drive and upload them to Google Play. You can use Google Play on any device to listen to the audio files.


Open the link to the audio files and select the download option in the drop-down menu.

Open your Google Play account in a new tab. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the menu. Select Upload music.

Open your download’s folder and drag the audio files into the Google Play window.

Now you can listen to the files using the Google Play app from any device.

Extra Tips

Make playlists to help you organize the files for easy access. For example, you could make a playlist called “English Conversations Review” which includes all audios that you have already listened to.

When you’re washing the dishes or taking a walk, open the English Conversations Review playlist and select shuffle.

You are more likely to study English if your study materials are easy to access. This is a great way to increase your English listening time throughout the day. Even 5-10 minutes is beneficial.

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