How to access your flashcards

Intro In this tutorial I will show you how to access your AnkiMaster flashcards. There are three ways to access your flashcards: Anki app on your computer Anki app on your phone Let’s look at how to use each … Read More

Installing the AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder

Intro In this tutorial I will show you how to install the AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder (AMFB) Tutorial In the Anki menu, select Tools->Add-ons In the next window, click ‘View Files’ Drag and drop you AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder folder into this … Read More

$12 Escuela de Inglés – La Guía del Pirata Ético Para Aprender Inglés – Parte 1 – Recursos Para Principiantes

Índice de contenidos Introducción Motivación Configuración Técnica Tu Rutina de Estudio Semanal Tu contenido principal Flashcards Lecciones de audio Pimsleur Libro/curso de gramática Input Sitios Torrent LingQ Notas Finales Algunas de las páginas de esta guía están en inglés. Tendrás … Read More

Rutina de Estudio Semanal – Inglés Para Principiantes

Estudiarás todos los recursos recomendados en un horario semanal. Hay 3 niveles diferentes, dependiendo de lo rápido que quieras aprender: Casual: 5 horas/semana MÍNIMO Moderado: 7,5-12,5 horas/semana Intensivo: 12,5-20 horas/semana Recurso Casual Moderado InteIntensivo Flashcards, 30-60 min 3 veces/semana 4-5 … Read More

Torrenting – Technical Setup

Follow the tutorial below to set up torrents on your computer. Download and install qBittorrent Go to to download the application for downloading torrents. Download the appropriate version for your computer. Simply open the file and follow the installation … Read More

Weekly Study Routine – Beginner Spanish

You will study all of the recommended resources on a weekly schedule. There are 3 different levels, depending on how fast you want to learn: Casual: 5 hours/week MINIMUM Moderate: 7.5-12.5 hours/week Intensive: 12.5-20 hours/week Resource Casual Moderate Intensive Flashcards, … Read More

$12 Spanish School – The Ethical Pirate’s Guide to Learning Spanish – Part 1 – Beginner Resources

Table of Contents Introduction Technical Setup Your Weekly Study Routine Your Core Content Flashcards Pimsleur Audio Lessons Grammar Book/Course Input Torrent Sites LingQ Final Notes Introduction The internet has completely revolutionized how people learn languages, specifically in the area of … Read More


How do I get started? Step 1: Submit the New Student Form and take the placement testStep 2: Book a free trial lesson to talk about your needs and how I can help.Step 3: Buy a lesson package and start … Read More

Expectations, Terms and Conditions, Cancellations

How Payment Works All lessons must be paid in advance through the Acuity scheduling system on my website. You can purchase a lesson package to get a discounted rate. Lesson packages will expire after a certain number of days. It’s … Read More

Why AnkiMaster Spanish Lessons?

In my experience learning and teaching languages, I’ve seen many students waste so much time because of a lack of knowledge of how to learn a new language and consequently very poor and inefficient study habits and routines. Many people … Read More