What is SRS?

SRS stands for Spaced Repetition Software. It basically programs new information into your brain with 90% effectiveness because it’s based on research on memory and how we retain them. You can read these articles to learn more about what SRS is, how it works and why you should use it.

SRS is becoming a revolutionary tool in learning new languages, although many students don’t know about it. Anybody who needs to memorize things, which is basically EVERYBODY, should know about SRS.

Using SRS has completely changed the way I look at new information and devise strategies for learning it. I believe that SRS technology has the power to revolutionize how we learn languages, making it much easier to reach an intermediate or even high level in a very short amount of time.

The polyglot Gabriel Wyner popularized the use of Anki through his Fluent Forever system. He created new ways of learning vocabulary and grammar without using any translation. Just pictures and examples. I also used elements of his Fluent Forever system to build my AnkiMaster system which I used to learn Spanish.

Input-Based Learning

Gabriel Wyner used a method of learning called input-based learning combined with the Anki SRS flashcards. Input-based learning has always existed but has become very popular in recent years. One of the foundational researchers behind input-based learning is Stephen Krashen.


My methods of learning have been strongly influenced by polyglots. They are, after all, the world champions of learning languages. It would be wise for any language student to follow their lead.

I have been strongly influenced by the following people/information:

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