Welcome to AnkiMaster Game Night. AnkiMaster Game Night is a FREE online gaming event for learning English.

What kind of games do you play?

We use a game/software called Tabletop Simulator to play different kinds of interactive board games. Some poular games include Guess Who?, Monopoly, and Munchkin. Check out these screenshots of different games:

How can I participate?

In order to participate, you’ll need to buy Tabletop Simulator from Steam. It’s $20. You will not have to buy any other games or spend any more money after that. Just $20, one time and you can play unlimited games forever.

I have no relationship with the company Steam or Tabletop Simulator. These are just the tools that we use to play games with our friends. Unfortunately, there are no free options to play Tabletop Simulator. The only way to participate is to buy the game.

I’ve written tutorials to show you how to do everything.

See our list of Game Night events below.

AnkiMaster Game Night Events

We have limited space available. Please send us a message to reserve your seat. Put “AM Game Night” in the subject line.

Thurs Nov 12, 2020 – Let’s learn how to use Tabletop Simulator

A beginner-friendly event to learn how to control Tabletop Simulator and play simple games.

Thurs Nov 19, 2020AnkiMaster Game Night – Games TBA

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