Please see the beginner resources below. Follow the Weekly Study Routine to know how much time you should spend with each resource.

Pronunciation Flashcards – For Beginners

These flashcards teach you how to pronounce the language. Please watch this video for an introduction to the pronunciation trainer flashcards that I will be sharing with you.

Continue reading the information and watching the other videos on the Fluent Forever Website.

In order to use the flashcards correctly, you will need to watch some videos for your specific target language. Please watch the videos below before using your flashcards.

For Learning Spanish:

The Spanish (Latin American) Pronunciation Trainer Resources

For Learning English (para hispanohablantes):

Pronunciación Del Inglés (General Americano)

Pimsleur Audio Lessons (for beginners)

Pimsleur is a great program for beginners. I used Pimsleur when I was learning Japanese. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to have basic conversations using this program. I highly recommend Pimsleur for anybody who wants to start speaking as soon as possible.

Learn more about the Pimsleur method here on their website.

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