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How to set up and use Evernote

Intro Evernote is a notetaking app that I use with all of my students. I use it to share my lesson notes and learning resources. In this tutorial. I’m going to show you how to set up Evernote on your … Read More

About AnkiMaster Flashcard Subscriptions

Language is made of sound. AnkiMaster flashcards teach you through the combination of pictures and sound. We combine Anki’s flashcard technology with real native speakers to create a completely unique learning experience for every student. When I was studying Spanish … Read More

Protected: Message to Varsity Tutor students about scheduling

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Protected: Complete beginner’s guide to learning English for Spanish speakers for FREE

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First things first, let’s learn HOW to learn a new language

Required Reading AnkiMaster Foundations A lot of people who want to learn a new language don’t know how to learn a new language. Unfortunately, many people start taking classes without even thinking about this. There is no reason to skip … Read More

How to schedule your flashcard study time

Intro AnkiMaster flashcards are an amazing tool but you will not get the results you want if you don’t study them. The best way to make sure you study your flashcards is to schedule your study sessions. In this tutorial, … Read More

Making well-dressed flashcards – examples

Making a well-dressed flashcard is a form of art. Every flashcard must contain a unique combination of images that is meaningful to you. Below you can see a sample collection of some Spanish flashcards. These are some flashcards that I … Read More

Buying a lesson package or subscription

You can buy individual classes but you will save money if you buy a lesson subscription or package. At the bottom of the booking page, you’ll find different options for lesson subscriptions and packages. Now I am entering my details … Read More

Upgrade your vocabulary with Frequency Dictionaries

Frequency Dictionaries Frequency Dictionaries help you prioritize your vocabulary. This is very important because there are so many words you have to learn. Which ones do you learn first? Remember, learning the 1,000 most common words in English/Spanish will give … Read More

About Your Teacher – Adrian

Hey there! I’m Adrian, Irish blooded born in Belgium, I have quickly landed in the bilingual world speaking English and French. Later on, I picked up Spanish in University and speak fluently now that I have been traveling and living … Read More