Core Tutorials

Cómo acceder a tus tarjetas

See this page in ENGLISH Intro En este tutorial te mostraré cómo acceder a tus tarjetas de AnkiMaster. Hay tres maneras de acceder a tus tarjetas: Veamos cómo usar cada opción. Esta es la opción más fácil y rápida. … Read More

How to download and install Anki

Download the latest version of Anki from the official website. You can download the Qt6 version. Possibly if your computer is very old, the Qt5 version would work better but you can try the Qt6 version first and change it … Read More

Sincroniza tus tarjetas con Android y iPhone

See this page in ENGLISH Intro Anki ofrece un servicio en la nube llamado AnkiWeb para guardar y compartir todas tus tarjetas con tus otros dispositivos.  En este tutorial, aprenderás a sincronizar tus tarjetas a tus diferentes dispositivos como un … Read More

El sistema AnkiMaster – Cómo estudiar las tarjetas

See this page in ENGLISH Intro Este tutorial explicará las diferentes partes del sistema de de AnkiMaster. Cómo abrir las tarjetas Haz clic en el mazo. Haz clic ‘Study Now’ Cómo leer las tarjetas Cada parte de las tarjetas aparece … Read More

Zoom Tutorials

Intro Zoom is one of our most important tools. Please follow these tutorials to learn how to use zoom during our classes. Even if you already know how to use zoom, please follow the tutorials because I will teach you … Read More

Schedule a lesson

Go to the Booking Page. First click Redeem Coupon or Package. Then select a class (1 Hour Lesson, 1.5 Hour Lesson, etc.). IMPORTANT: Select your time zone Select a date and time. If you want to have the lesson at … Read More

About your Lesson Summaries Document

Intro I organize all of your lesson information into a document in Evernote. The Lessons Summaries Document has lots of useful information: What we did in our previous lessons The homework to finish before your next lesson Links to helpful … Read More

How to use your Off2Class Account

Intro If you are studying English, we will use a website called Off2Class. This website has 100’s of different lesson topics. Every time we have a lesson you will access our lesson materials from Off2Class. Let’s see how it works! … Read More

Canceling Lessons

You can cancel or reschedule lessons at least 24 hours before. Please be aware of my cancellation policy. There are two places where you can cancel or reschedule: 1. From your account page (go to my Booking Calendar and click … Read More

Register for an account

You should register for an account so you can check your upcoming appointments and cancel/reschedule them easily Click on the “Register for an Account” button. Enter your details and click “sign up.” Using your account Next time you book a … Read More