Dressing a naked flashcard

Intro In this tutorial, you will learn how to ‘dress’ a Naked flashcard. Dressing a flashcard means adding pictures, definitions, sound and other important information. You can study your flashcards after they are dressed. Tutorial Open the browser window. Click … Read More

The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards

Ver esta página en ESPAÑOL Intro This tutorial will explain the different parts of the AnkiMaster flashcard system and how to study the different types of AnkiMaster flashcards. AnkiMaster is like a gym for your brain and the flashcards are … Read More

Extra Grammar Cards

If you need help practicing grammar, use an Extra Grammar Card 3 parts of grammar There are three different parts of grammar: The words The form of the words (run, ran, catch caught) The order of the words You can … Read More

“Helper” Cards

If you need more help to understand a new word, there are helper cards. The AnkiMaster system includes 5 helper cards: Pronunciation Card Spelling Card Inflected Form Card Translation-Word Card Sentence-Translation Sentence Card Some of these cards you will not … Read More

Anki Stats – Checking your progress

Intro Anki keeps lots of information about your learning. This information is called Anki Stats. Some of the information included in Anki Stats: How often you study (20% of days, 50% of days, etc.) How many minutes you study per … Read More

Setting up your computer for AnkiMaster flashcards

Ver esta página en ESPAÑOL. Follow these steps to set up your computer for AnkiMaster Flashcards. STEP 1 Download and install the latest STABLE release of Anki from the official website. Search your applications and open Anki. STEP 2 Download … Read More


Required Reading Setting up your computer for AnkiMaster Flaschards Intro Welcome to the Quickstart Guide.  This page has everything you need to know to use AnkiMaster. There are two main parts of your daily study routine: INPUT ANKI REVIEW See … Read More

Installing Anki Add-ons

Intro To use AnkiMaster Flashcards, you need to install some Add-ons to Anki. Add-ons are like browser extensions but for Anki. Tutorial How to install add-ons In the main Anki window click on Tools–>Add-ons Click on Get Add-ons on the … Read More

Fixing your AnkiMaster Cards

Intro Fix your cards and put them back into your daily review. Overview Check problem Fix problem Unmark note Unsuspend card Tutorial You can check your suspended cards in the Anki browser window in the Click Go ->Filter. You can … Read More

Card Combos

Intro You will often read sentences that have more than one word/expression that you do not understand. You can create a card combo to learn multiple words with different cards. Video Tutorial Tutorial EXAMPLE MY SENTENCE: The blade is too … Read More