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Setting up your computer for AnkiMaster flashcards

Ver esta página en ESPAÑOL. Follow these steps to set up your computer for AnkiMaster Flashcards. STEP 1 Download and install the latest STABLE release of Anki from the official website. Search your applications and open Anki. STEP 2 Download … Read More

Anki 101

Intro This tutorial will teach you about the different parts of Anki and how to use them. Tutorial Anki Deck selection window In this window, you can select the deck that you want to study. You can see how many … Read More

AnkiMaster Terminology

These are terms that I use often in the AnkiMaster tutorials. Input – These are English sentences that you read or listen to.   Input Source -The source of your learning materials. It can be anything: books, articles, movies, television shows, … Read More

Definitions and Parts of Speech

Definitions Verbs Most verbs in English are part of two categories: transitive and intransitive. You can usually see this information near the IPA in your dictionary. There are other kinds of verbs such as phrasal verbs but most verbs belong to … Read More