Test your computer for gaming

You will need to test your computer to find out if it can run the video games you want to play. Follow the instructions below: Go to this website and type the name of the game that you want to … Read More

How to install and use Discord

We will use Discord to talk to each other while we play games. Create Discord account Create a new account on the Discord register page. Click the text at the bottom to join our server. Copy your invite link and … Read More

How to install Steam and buy a game

Intro In this tutorial I will show you everything about Steam. Steam is a program that you install on your computer to buy and manage games. You will learn how to Download and install Steam Buy and install a game … Read More

Cómo aprendo español con los videojuegos – Dragon Quest XI

¿Has pensado alguna vez en utilizar los videojuegos para aprender un idioma? Este era mi sueño cuando estudiaba japonés. Por supuesto, en japonés hay un mundo muy rico de fantasía en los videojuegos, el anime y los cómics. Por desgracia, … Read More

Playing games with Tabletop Simulator

Intro Before we jump into playing a game, you’ll need to learn how to use the simulator. Watch the tutorial video below. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. We will help you! Tutorial First, join the Discord Chat. Next, … Read More

Setting up your computer for AM Game Events

Intro You’ll need to set up a few things on your computer to participate in a game event. Follow the tutorials below according to the Game Event you’d like to join. Tutorials – ALL GAMES Follow all of these tutorials … Read More