Weekly Study Routine – Beginner Spanish

You will study all of the recommended resources on a weekly schedule. There are 3 different levels, depending on how fast you want to learn: Resource Casual Moderate Intensive Flashcards, 30-60 min 3 times/week 4-5 times/week 6-7 times/week Pimsleur Audio … Read More

The Ethical Pirate’s Guide to Learning Spanish – Part 1 – Beginner Resources

Table of Contents Intro Ahoy there matey! I’ve been an internet pirate since I was 13 years old. I found many things while sailing around the internet looking for treasure. Sometimes I found some very valuable information. When I was … Read More

Websites for finding definitions, translations, and example sentences

English Only YourDictionary Longman Dictionary Collins Dictionary Oxford Learner Dictionary Merriam Webster Dictionary Vocabulary.com TheIdioms.com UrbanDictionary English & Spanish WordReference TheFreeDictionary Cambridge Dictionary bab.la Linguee Reverso

Making well-dressed flashcards – examples

Making a well-dressed flashcard is a form of art. Every flashcard must contain a unique combination of images that is meaningful to you. Below you can see a sample collection of some Spanish flashcards. These are some flashcards that I … Read More

AnkiMaster Foundations

What is SRS? SRS stands for Spaced Repetition Software. It basically programs new information into your brain with 90% effectiveness because it’s based on research on memory and how we retain them. You can read these articles to learn more … Read More