Study Guidance

Anki Stats – Checking your progress

Intro Anki keeps lots of information about your learning. This information is called Anki Stats. Some of the information included in Anki Stats: How often you study (20% of days, 50% of days, etc.) How many minutes you study per … Read More

How to activate flashcards

Required Reading The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards Intro Each AnkiMaster note has 8 different flashcards. You can activate them in the Browser window, or in the Add window when you create the note. Tutorial Activating cards … Read More

Input-based learning with AnkiMaster Flashcards

Intro AnkiMaster Flashcards are a very useful tool but cannot be used by itself. You must get INPUT. That means you must read and listen to English/Spanish every day. This is your daily English/Spanish learning routine. Get INPUT Look up … Read More