Buy a lesson package

After your trial lesson, I will send you a link to buy a lesson package. Check your email and open the link. Enter your information and click Pay Now. You can choose PayPal or just use your credit card. After … Read More

Recording audio for flashcardas

Intro Learn how to install audio recording software on your computer and record audio for your flashcards Tutorial Set up your computer Install Audacity (direct link for Windows) Install LAME Mp3 Encoder (Download the RECOMMENDED Installer Package for Windows) Recording Audio Press the … Read More

Manually adding books to Kindle

Intro In this tutorial, you will learn how to open a kindle file and read it on your computer. You will need to follow this tutorial if you want to read any of the mobi files in the shared google … Read More

Adding files to Google Play

Intro In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to download audio files from Google Drive and upload them to Google Play. You can use Google Play on any device to listen to the audio files. Tutorial Open the link to … Read More

Setting up Teamviewer for remote connection

Intro In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up TeamViewer. TeamViewer is an application that lets your tutor control your computer remotely. I use this application to help my students learn how to use flashcards more easily. Tutorial … Read More

What are AnkiMaster flashcards?

AnkiMaster is a fun, fast, and effective way to develop and enhance your speaking, listening and reading skills in English and Spanish. AnkiMaster will help you Increase your vocabulary and recall Improve your listening and comprehension Have more fluency in … Read More

Dressing a naked flashcard

Intro In this tutorial, you will learn how to ‘dress’ a Naked flashcard. Dressing a flashcard means adding pictures, definitions, sound and other important information. You can study your flashcards after they are dressed. Tutorial Open the browser window. Click … Read More

The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards

Intro This tutorial will explain the different parts of the AnkiMaster flashcard system. Every piece of information on the flashcards appears in a different color. All flashcards must include: A sentence (blue) A target word (red) For most new words, … Read More

Extra Grammar Cards

If you need help practicing grammar, use an Extra Grammar Card 3 parts of grammar There are three different parts of grammar: The words The form of the words (run, ran, catch caught) The order of the words You can … Read More

“Helper” Cards

If you need more help to understand a new word, there are helper cards. The AnkiMaster system includes 5 helper cards: Pronunciation Card Spelling Card Inflected Form Card Translation-Word Card Sentence-Translation Sentence Card Some of these cards you will not … Read More