Redesigning the AnkiMaster Flashcard Template

How I learn Spanish with video games – Dragon Quest XI

Have you ever thought about playing video games to help you learn a language? This was a dream of mine when I use to study Japanese. Of course in Japanese, there is a very rich world of fantasy in video … Read More

Fluent Forever Memory Game

Ask yourself these questions when writing sentences for your flashcards: When’s the last time I saw a gato? “The last time I saw my abuela (grandmother) was last weekend.”Personal Connection—the Memory Game: What’s this word mean to me? When’s the … Read More

Health & wellness flashcards for therapists and Yoga teachers

Would you like to improve your English vocabulary when speaking about health and wellness? My premade AnkiMaster flashcards can teach you some of the most commonly used expressions related to health, fitness and motivation. All flashcards include An example sentence … Read More

QUICKSTART GUIDE: How to use your Premade AnkiMaster Flashcards

To access your AnkiMaster Flashcards, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Don’t worry, this won’t take more than 5 minutes to set up. Tutorial Download Anki Click HERE. Choose WIndows or Mac and click the button to begin the … Read More

Overlay Symbols

WIDE Red X WIDE Green Check WIDE Red X, Green Check WIDE Big Red X WIDE TALL Red X TALL Green Check TALL Green Check, Red X TALL Red X, Green Check TALL

Schedule a lesson

Go to my Booking Calendar. First click Redeem Coupon or Package. Then select a class (1 Hour Lesson, 1.5 Hour Lesson, etc.). IMPORTANT: Select your time zone Select a date and time. If you want to have the lesson at … Read More

About your Lesson Summaries Document

Intro I organize all of your lesson information into a document in Evernote. The Lessons Summaries Document has lots of useful information: What we did in our previous lessons The homework to finish before your next lesson Links to helpful … Read More

How to use your Off2Class Account

Intro If you are studying English, we will use a website called Off2Class. This website has 100’s of different lesson topics. Every time we have a lesson you will access our lesson materials from Off2Class. Let’s see how it works! … Read More

Canceling Lessons

You can cancel or reschedule lessons at least 24 hours before. Please be aware of my cancellation policy. There are two places where you can cancel or reschedule: From your account page (go to my Booking Calendar and click “log … Read More