Open Zoom settings

Open the settings in Zoom

Check Video

Click on Video. Can you see yourself? If you can’t, click on the Camera dropdown menu and try another option until you can see yourself.

Check Audio settings


Before you check the audio, plug in your headphones and/or microphone.

Click on Audio

Check your speaker options. Make sure your headphones are selected. Click Test Speaker to check if it works.


Check your microphone options.

Click Test Mic. Speak very close to your microphone. Tap or scratch the microphone with your finger.

Can you see the blue bar move? Can you hear yourself?

Final In-call test

You can and should test your equipment one more time. After you have joined the call, you can click on the small arrow next to the mute button to show a menu. Select “Test Speaker & Microphone”

Finish the tests. If something doesn’t work you will have one more chance to change the speaker and microphone settings.

What if I have a problem?

We recommend testing your Zoom with a friend. Ask your friends if they have zoom and try to call them. If you still have problems, please contact us and we will help you set up your technology.

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