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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create naked flashcards. Naked flashcards are unfinished flashcards. A naked flashcard has a sentence and a target word. We will also add pictures.


The AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder makes this process much easier. Watch the following video to see how you can quickly and efficiently create flashcards with the AMFB.


Setting up your windows

Open the Anki add window and select the NAKED FLASHCARDS deck.

Push the window to the right side of your screen, like this:

Resize the window to make it as small as possible.

Open your internet browser. Go to Push this window to the left side of your screen like this.

Adding Sentences

Now you can type or paste your sentence into the first box. Copy and paste your target word in the Word (Dictionary Form) box.

Add images

Search Google images for your word.

Right click to copy the image

Click inside the Image box on the flashcard template. Press Ctrl+V to paste.

Repeat several times. I recommend at least three pictures.

Activate the flashcard

(See How to activate flashcards)

You must activate at least one flashcard. The three standard flashcards are conveniently located at the top. Just add an ‘x’ into the box to activate the flashcard

Click ‘Add’

Finished! Repeat again for all of your new words.

Extra Tips

Activate cards according to what you need

Remember, the AnkiMaster System has 8 different flashcards (See The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards). If you need help spelling the word, add a spelling card; if you need help listening, add a L/R card, etc.

No Sentence

In some cases, you might not have a sentence. You are required to enter something into the first box.

Enter ‘;;’ into the Sentence box and enter your word into the Word (Dictionary Form) box.

Activate at least one flashcard. In this case, I have selected the Pronunciation Card and the Spelling Card.

Click ‘Add’. That’s it. You’re all done.

What’s next?

AnkiMaster Free Users

Continue the flashcard creation process. The next tutorial will teach you how to dress a naked flashcard.

Dressing a naked flashcard

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