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Pronunciation is THE most important skill you can develop to improve your English! Good pronunciation not only allows native speakers to understand you well but also improves your listening skills. Better pronunciation also means better listening. Better listening means better comprehension and communication.

Unfortunately, many students learned bad pronunciation from their teachers who were not native speakers of English. These teachers pass on their accent to their students. Many students find it difficult or impossible to change their accent later.

Don’t worry! AnkiMaster has the answer.

I have been teaching English pronunciation and accent reduction for several years. My pronunciation training program is a proven method that has worked on hundreds of students. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your pronunciation and sound like a native speaker.

I recommend reading these two articles to learn more about why learning good pronunciation is so important:

The AnkiMaster Pronunciation Training and Accent Reduction Program

This program consists of 1-2 weekly lessons for 2-3 months. Here’s what’s included in the program:

Textbook + audio files

Pronunciation training flashcards

Detailed pronunciation videos

Student Feedback

I have a long history of positive student feedback. As you can see, I am well-reviewed for my skills in accent reduction.

Here’s what one of my most recent students said about my pronunciation program

I have been working with Vincent for 3 months in order to improve my accent. Learning techniques that Vincent uses in his lessons are good for both beginners and intermediate students. I want to say that I am fully satisfied with the results and I recommend choosing him as your teacher.


Daniel produces music in English and he wanted to develop an accent similar to the famous artists that he likes to listen to. Although Daniel had been speaking with a less-than-perfect accent for many years, he significantly improved his accent after just 3 months of my pronunciation training classes.

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