Revised Quote from Gabriel Wyner’s book Fluent Forever : How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It

Ask yourself these questions when writing sentences for your flashcards:

Ask yourself about your new word rather than your native language translation of the word. Instead of asking about the last time you saw your madre, 母親, etc., ask about the last time you saw your mother. Even when the words sound almost the same (timid/timide), you’ll create more useful connections when you mentally hear those words in the accent of English:

  • Concrete Nouns: When’s the last time I saw my mother?
  • Concrete Nouns: When’s the first time I encountered a motorcycle?
  • Abstract Nouns: How has the economy affected me?
  • Adjectives: Am I timid? If not, do I know someone who is?
  • Adjectives: What do I own that’s rouge (red)?
  • Verbs: Do I like to run? Do I know someone else who does?

Answer one of these questions and write down a little reminder for yourself on the back of your flash cards.

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