Input is an essential part of your language learning process. Input means all the language content that you consume. It can include movies, TV, YouTube videos, books, news articles, video games, and even conversations with friends. When you are a beginner, it can be difficult to find input that you can actually understand. Most movies and books are incomprehensible to you and trying to understand even a little bit can be overwhelming. Most content that native speakers normally consume is not a good choice for your language input during this stage of your learning. You need specialized input that is adjusted for your level.

There is a category of books designed specifically for this purpose. They’re called graded readers. Graded readers are books written for specific levels. The vocabulary and grammar are simplified to make it easy for you to understand.

Where to get graded readers

There are many places to get graded readers. I usually find massive collections of this kind of content on torrent sites. Below are some examples.

Rutracker is a Russian website. You’ll need to use Google Translate to navigate these pages. Download the Google Translate Chrome extension.

You’ll find all the graded readers on this page. As you can see, everything is in Russian. Use Google Translate to change the page to English.

Here I can see some A1 level books. Let’s check out this book called Amnesia.

Click on the magnet link to download the book.

When it is finished downloading, you will see the book appear in your designated downloads folder.


Piratebay has a massive collection of learning resources. Check out this torrent: Spanish Language Learning Pack

You don’t have to download all the files. Just download the graded readers if you want.


LingQ is a great website that provides all kinds of audio content with transcripts. You don’t need to use the flashcard features. We will use Anki for that. Just use LingQ to find interesting input that you can read and listen to.

Visit their website to get started:

Final Notes

That’s enough input to keep you busy for many years. Make sure to keep these files in a safe place. Backup the files to another computer or external hard drive.

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