In this tutorial I will show you everything about Steam. Steam is a program that you install on your computer to buy and manage games. You will learn how to

  • Download and install Steam
  • Buy and install a game
  • Add a friend


Download and install Steam

Download Steam from the official website. Open the install file and follow the instructions.

When it’s finished, open it.

Wait for Steam to update.

Create a Steam account


Enter your information and click Continue

Check your email and verify your account.

Go back to steam and log in.

Buy a game

You need to buy a game. I will use Tabletop Simulator in this example but you could buy and download any game you want.

Click on Store and search ‘tabletop simulator.’

Click on ‘Add to Cart.’

Finish the checkout and payment process.

Install Tabletop Simulator

Once your purchase is complete, click on ‘Install content’

Follow the installation process.

Wait for the download/install process to complete.

Add a friend

In the top menu bar click Friends -> Add a Friend

There are different ways to add friends. I have a Friend Code. I click the blue button to send an invite.

Your friend must accept your invite.

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