Evernote is a notetaking app that I use with all of my students. I use it to share my lesson notes and learning resources. In this tutorial. I’m going to show you how to set up Evernote on your computer.


Set up a free Evernote account

Go to the Evernote website to sign up for a free account.

You can enter your email to create an account or if you already have a google account, you can click “Continue with Google.”

Select your google account. Make sure to select the correct account.

Set up Evernote

Next you will see the welcome page.

Evernote will guide you through the setup processes.

At this part choose to continue with the basic plan.

Now you will see the Evernote web interface. Evernote will ask you to go through a few steps so you can learn about the basics. Follow the tutorial until it finishes.

How to access a shared note

Now you need to access the notes that I will share with you for our classes. Check your email to find the invitation to access the note.

Click on the green button “View in Evernote”

When you see this screen, you can choose to open the note in Google Chrome, or using the Evernote App installed on your computer. You can choose either one.

Once you refresh your page or restart your Evernote app, you will see the shared notes in the section on the left side called “Shared with me.”

This is where you will find your Lesson Summaries Document and other useful information for your lessons.

Extra Tips

I recommend downloading the Evernote App rather than using Evernote through your internet browser. The app is faster and easier to use. You can also download the app on your phone so you can access the information from anywhere.

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