If you are studying English, we will use a website called Off2Class. This website has 100’s of different lesson topics. Every time we have a lesson you will access our lesson materials from Off2Class. Let’s see how it works!

Logging into your account

Click HERE to log in to your account. Enter your email and password (I will tell you your password).

Assignments & Assessments

You will see your most recent homework assignments in the green box at the top.

The second green box shows your pending assessments.

To learn more about homework assignments and how to complete them, see Off2Class Homework Assignments.

Placement Test Results

Here you can see your placement test results. Click on the date to see the results.

Other Information

Completed Assignments

You can see the status of your homework here. I will correct your homework as soon as I can, usually 1-2 days after you submit it. You will receive a notification when I finish correcting your homework. You can also see the corrected homework assignments in this box.

You can see it says “Answer key released” That means I have already corrected the homework. Click on the assignment to review my corrections and comments.

Recent Lessons and Summaries

In this box, you can see all of the lessons we have recently completed. Click on the lesson to review the lesson content.

Recently Completed Assessments

This box shows you your assessments. Click on the assessment to review the correct answers.

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