To use AnkiMaster Flashcards, you need to install some Add-ons to Anki. Add-ons are like browser extensions but for Anki.


How to install add-ons

In the main Anki window click on Tools–>Add-ons

Click on Get Add-ons on the side.

Copy-paste your add-on code into the box and click OK. You can find the codes for the add-ons in the Required Add-ons below.

Click Get Add-ons again and repeat with other Add-on codes.

Required Add-ons

  • ImageResizer – make all images the same size. Code: 1214357311
  • Hierarchical Tags – helps you organize your cards. You will learn more about tags in future tutorials. Code: 594329229
  • Advanced Browser – A useful add-on for organizing and searching your cards more easily. Code: 874215009
  • Forvo Downloader – automatically download audio for all of your words. Code: 858591644
  • AwesomeTTS – automatically download audio for all of your words. Code: 814349176

I don’t recommend installing any more than this, especially as a beginner. You don’t need any more than these add-ons.

Configure the Add-ons

You need to configure a few things to make these add-ons function correctly. First, RESTART Anki to activate your new Add-ons.

Open Anki again. Now you will see some new option menus.

Image Resizer

Click Tools -> Image Resizer

Copy the settings you see here and click OK

Advanced Browser

Click on Browse to open the browser window.

Click on a deck in the sidebar:

Right-click on the columns at the top.

Follow the menu until you get to Word (Dictionary Form).

Click and hold. Drag the Word (Dictionary Form) column to the left next to Sort field. You may need to do this twice.

Forvo Downloader

Open the browser window and click on a note. Then click on the blue button.

When the first window appears select Word (Dictionary Form) and press enter.

When the second window appears select Sound-Word and press enter.

Select English, click Continue



Click Browse.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-11-07-19_14_24-AnkiMaster-New-Student-Anki-1024x610.png

Click on a deck. Click on the top menu item AwesomeTTS -> Add Audio to Selected

Copy the settings you see here:

Click Generate. This will save the settings. Close this window.


  1. Veretelnyk Mykhailo

    I have troubles with Anki Add-ons.
    I have installed Audio add-on (3100585138) and Advanced browser add-on (874215009). And, for both of them, I have received a success notification with requirement to restart Anki, and I have done this restarts. After these, I need to configure, but in the section ‘Fields’ I have not had any ‘Antimoon_Eng’.

    The details of, what I have had, are in the picture by the from the link–%20Antimoon_Eng%20problem.jpg?dl=0 .

    I have next questions: ‘Is this problem is known, and if yes, what is the solution?’; ‘What can you suggestions me what I can try to do?’.

    • Vinny Champeau

      Thank you for the screenshot. It appears you already installed the addon successfully. You need to download the EFA Cards Deck or EFA Cards Template. This will give you the Antimoon_eng card template. Then you can set the plugin correctly. Does this make sense?

      • Misha

        Thank you for the explanation. And, did you mean that I was illogical, when say ‘Does this make sense’? Can someone think that the Advanced browser add-on contains ‘Antimoon_Eng’ due to the last screenshot in the current installing section if he moving successively, 1->2->3 and so on via the TUTOR Member Homepage? If you did not mean this, I am sorry for my question.

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