Learn to speak FLUENT Spanish

Learn to speak FLUENT Spanish in less than 2 years!

Watch me learn Spanish in just a few years. I used a simple method combined with powerful technology to accelerate my learning process.

Learning the 1,000 most frequently used words in Spanish will give you 85% comprehension!

1,000 words in ONE year??

If you want to learn as fast as I did, you need to learn these 1,000 words as soon as possible. There's only one way to learn 1,000 words in just one year.

AnkiMaster Flashcards!

Anki is the most advanced learning tool in the world. With the power of Anki, you will become a master of Spanish!

30 minutes/day

I learned to speak fluent Spanish in less than 30 minutes a day!

My Anki study data for 2016-2020

You can learn to speak Spanish fluently with less than 3 words a day!

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Get input and take notes

Input = reading and listening to Spanish (books, movies, podcasts, etc.) Take notes on unfamiliar words and grammar.

Step 2: Make Flashcards

Make flashcards from your notes. Use your favorite words and sentences. Add pictures and sound to your flashcards.

Step 3: Study flashcards

Download all the information into your brain. Anki will automatically prioritize all the information and teach you in just 30 minutes a day!

Step 4:

Speak with a native speaker and practice using all of your new words. 

Practice with me! I'm the AnkiMaster!

The Ankimaster system is so far the best tool I’ve used to help with my English. In the past, I had difficult times learning new words and I always mix up the meanings of different words. But with Ankimaster, learning new words becomes much easier.
Rui Zang

Get The AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder

Language is made of sound. AnkiMaster flashcards teach you through the combination of pictures and sound. We combine Anki’s flashcard technology with real native speakers to create a completely unique learning experience for every student.

The AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder, or AMFB, is a downloadable tool that allows you to create AnkiMaster flashcards quickly and efficiently. I designed this tool to make AnkiMaster simple, easy, and fun to use for anybody.

AnkiMaster Flashcards are great for studying and learning independently. I learned most of my Spanish without the help of a teacher. Using flashcards with sentences from books, subtitles, and any other content I could find on the internet I was able to teach myself most of the vocabulary and grammar I needed to have a fluent conversation.

Later I did take online classes for a while and I was incredibly relieved at how easy it was to understand my teachers. I was also able to express myself very well using a wide variety of vocabulary to talk about different topics. I was already fluent and I was only in my first class!

Of course, I continued to use my awesome flashcards but I decided to get my teachers involved (hehehehe!) They helped me make and organize my flashcards. They checked and corrected my sentences, gave notes and grammar explanations, wrote original sentences related to my life to help me understand new words and recorded the sentences with their voices. All of my flashcards were SUPER personalized. They were much easier to remember because they were related to my life and had voices of people that I knew, my own Spanish teachers.

When I studied my flashcards and heard the voices of my teachers, I could remember our conversations and how they explained different things about the Spanish language to me. Most of my new vocabulary connected directly to my conversations with my teachers. This helped me recall the words much faster and more fluently because I had a real memory connected to a real conversation that I had with a real person. I was acquiring and integrating everything into my natural self-expression.

I realized I discovered a very powerful method for learning new languages. I call this method the AnkiMaster Method, which is based on creating flashcards with original and personally relevant content.

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