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How to use your Off2Class Account

Assignments and Assessments

Off2Class has two types of homework:

  1. Assignments
  2. Assessments

You will receive an assignment every time we finish a lesson. Assessments are like exams. You receive an assessment after every 3-4 lessons.

Completing Assignments

You can access your homework assignment from the Off2Class website. Check the green box at the top of your account page.

Click on the assignment to start working on it. On the homework page, you can click the red button that says “View Summary” to see the lesson content. This will show you all of the slides from the lesson.

Most homework assignments have more than one page. Click the arrow button to advance to the next page.

When you finish the homework, press the button that says Submit Homework

You don’t have to finish everything immediately. If you need more time to finish, click the blue button that says Save and finish later. Later you must click submit to receive my corrections and comments. If you don’t submit the homework I will not see it.

Completing Assessments

You will find your assessments in this box just below your homework.

Click on the assessment to begin working on it. It’s basically the same as the homework assignments but only contains multiple-choice questions and covers 3-4 lessons rather than just one lesson.

Reviewing corrections and comments

On the main page of your account, you can see if I have corrected your homework. Click on “Answer key released”

Now you can see all the correct answers and my comments.

Click on the little blue circle to read my comments.

Other Tips

The best time to do your homework is immediately after the lesson. Your brain will absorb the information better that way. Please take your time and do your homework carefully. I really hate when students rush through their homework because then I have to look at all your silly mistakes and correct them. The homework assignment is meant to evaluate your understanding of the lesson. It’s not just work that you try to finish fast as possible. If you rush through your homework you will learn less and you will waste your time and money.

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