As you collect more and more flashcards, you need to organize them. In this tutorial, we will show you how to organize notes in Anki.


You can organize your notes in two ways


Decks are “packages” of notes. Each note can exist in only one deck.

Downloading a new deck

I downloaded a new deck from the Anki Deck Library. I can see it in the deck selection window.

Move the deck

I’m going to move this deck to the Misc category. I click on the gear icon and select ‘Rename’

I rename the deck to ‘Misc::Frequency Words (1-5,000)

Now the Deck has moved to the Misc group.

Moving Notes

I want to study some of the notes from the Frequency Words deck. To start working on them, I will move them to the Naked Flashcards deck.

I use CTRL+Click to select some notes.

I right click and choose ‘Change Deck’.

I choose the Naked Flashcards deck and click ‘Move Cards’.

Dress the naked flashcards

Continue dressing the naked flashcards (see Dressing a naked flashcard)

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