Pronounce it Perfectly in English (PPE)

Below are all of the pronunciation videos for each chapter of the PPE book.

  1. UH [ə] Vowel, UR [ɜ] Vowel
  2. IH [ɪ] Vowel
  3. UH [ʊ] Vowel]
  4. EE [i] Vowel
  5. OO [u] Vowel
  6. EW [ju] Diphthong
  7. UH [ʌ] Vowel
  8. EH [ɛ] Vowel
  9. OH [oʊ] Diphthong
  10. OY [ɔɪ] Diphthong
  11. AA [æ] Vowel
  12. AY as in SAY Diphthong [eɪ]
  13. AW [ɔ] Vowel
  14. SAME as 11
  15. OW [aʊ] Diphthong
  16. AH [ɑ] Vowel
  17. AI [aɪ] Diphthong
  18. B[b] and P[p] Consonants
  19. T [t] and D [d]
  20. G [g] and K [k] Consonants
  21. F [f] and V [v] Consonants
  22. CH [tʃ] and JJ [dʒ] Consonants
  23. SH [ʃ] and ZH [ʒ] Consonants
  24. S [s] and Z [z] Consonants
  25. L [l] Consonant, R [ɹ] Consonant
  26. M Consonant [m], N [n] Consonant, NG [ŋ]Consonant
  27. TH [θ] and [ð] Consonants
  28. H [h] Consonant
  29. W [w] Consonant, Y [j] Consonant


ED ENDINGS (1/3) American English Accent Training: PERFECT PRONUNCIATION

Fluent Forever (FF) Videos

Below are the videos that go along with the Fluent Forever Pronunciation Trainer Flashcards (para hispanohablantes)

Pronunciación Del Inglés (General Americano)

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