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Setting up your computer for AnkiMaster Flaschards


Welcome to the Quickstart Guide.  This page has everything you need to know to use AnkiMaster.

There are two main parts of your daily study routine:

  1. INPUT

See related article on Antimoon: Get input. Lots of it.

The most important thing is that you are having fun. AnkiMaster is designed for input-based learning. This is different from other methods because you are having fun while improving your English/Spanish. You need to have fun to stay motivated. You need motivation to succeed. So have fun and you can’t fail!

Independent Study VS. AnkiMaster Flashcard Subscription

There are two ways to use AnkiMaster:

Independently as a self-study method. This method is free to use. You can download the flashcard template and make your own flashcards. I highly recommend using the AnkiMaster Flashcard Builder and a Frequency Word Flashcard Package which helps you make flashcards much faster.

With the help of a flashcard assistant. This is a premium service we offer as a monthly subscription. We have options from $30-$60/month. For more information click the button below


Most tutorials include these sections:

  • Required Reading – read these tutorials before continuing
  • Intro – a quick description of what the tutorial is about and what it will teach you
  • Tutorial – this is where the tutorial starts.  It will tell you what to do.
  • Extra Tips/Final Notes – Some more advice about the selected topic.

Please read all sections of the tutorials at least once.  The sections are clearly labeled so that you can look back at the tutorial when you need to.

The Basics

Creating Flashcards

Extra help

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