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How to copy text from Off2Class


Every Off2Class lesson has tons of great sentences. These are very good sentences because you already had a real experience in English with your teacher related to the vocabulary grammar of the sentences.

It can be a little difficult to get sentences from Off2Class so let me show the fastest way to do it.


Setting up your windows

Open your Off2Class lesson. Push the window to one side of your screen like this.

Inside Anki, click the Add window

Move this window to the other side so you can see firefox and the Add window at the same time.

Make the Add window as small as possible and the Off2Class window as big as possible.


Click on the Deck name to choose a deck.


Copy and paste sentences from Off2Class to Anki

Make sure you enable Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy.

Now you can see Firfox and Anki at the same time. This makes it very easy to copy and paste text from Off2Class to Anki.

Copy your target word/expression and paste it into the Word (Dictionary Form) box

Add Pictures

Open Google Images in a new tab and search for your target word.

Follow this tutorial to finish making your flashcard

Extra Tips

Sometimes the paste is not perfect. You have to delete the extra spaces. Just highlight that area and press backspace.

Repeat until it looks pretty.

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