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Follow these steps to set up your computer for AnkiMaster Flashcards. IMPORTANT: Later you can synchronize everything to your phone/mobile device but YOU MUST USE A COMPUTER TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS.


How to download and install Anki


Synchronize your Anki to AnkiWeb


You need to Download an AnkiMaster Flashcard Package from The AnkiMaster Flashcard Store.

Double-click on your flashcard package to open it.

Learn How to Study your flashcards

You’re all ready! Now you need to learn how to study your flashcards. This is very important! You will not learn anything if you don’t study your flashcards correctly. Read the next tutorial to learn how to study your flashcards.

The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards

OPTIONAL (Advanced Users Only)

Install Anki Add-ons

Tutorial Video (en español)

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