Welcome! Here you will find everything you need to learn Spanish. There are some paid materials and services on here but most of it is free.

I am currently developing my flashcard tool for learning English and Spanish. My flashcard template works great, but you’ll probably want to use the Fluent Forever app for now.

Inform yourself!

Please, please, PLEASE inform yourself about what is currently happening and what is currently possible in the world of language learning technology, methodology and more specifically the world of polyglots, who are completely revolutionizing the way people learn languages. Reading and watching all of the following resources will completely transform your ideas about what you are actually capable of in terms of learning new languages. All of us are perfectly capable of learning at least one, probably several different languages.

These videos can give you a background on the foundation of what I’ve been working with in the past 7 years:

For Beginners

I have 3 recommended resources


Developing good pronunciation FIRST is essential to learning to speak a new language well. If you don’t do this, you will create bad habits and it will take you years to fix your pronunciation. I know this because I spend a lot of time teaching accent reduction to my online English students. I wouldn’t need to do this if they had trained their pronunciation correctly from the beginning. Fortunately, you can use digital flashcards on your smartphone to program good pronunciation into your brain from the beginning. The Fluent Forever App has all of this built-in.

Other Spanish Learning Resources

Please be aware, regardless of what is recommended in the links below, you only need one flashcard application. Fluent Forever has that covered unless you’d prefer to use the free but more complicated option, Anki (see below).

  • Baselang – Unlimited Spanish Tutoring for $150/month. I took lessons from this company for over 6 months. It’s almost as good as living in a Spanish speaking country if you’re really committed. I did about 2 hours per day which was quite intensive.
  • Spanish Frequency Dictionary – Don’t waste your time studying words that don’t matter. Use this list to focus your vocab on words that will actually help you.

Input Sources

    • LingQ – infinite amount of audio content with text transcripts. Content is organized by level.
  • Fluent Spanish Academy – Olly Richards’ online community of Spanish Learners; very good for intermediate learners. I was a member for 6+ months. It is a paid membership but I think the value is very good. There is more content for the Spanish of Spain than Latin American Spanish but it is applicable to both.
  • Biblioteca – 60GB of Spanish books. This alone probably has more content than any library you’ve ever visited. No need to buy a book ever again. I’ll write a guide soon about how you can import this into Calibre, an ebook management software.
  • Conversations – Another great resource created by Olly Richards. 20 recorded Spanish conversations for intermediate learners

Other Resources

  • Antimoon.com – a website about learning English, but has lots of good information for any language learner
  • IWillTeachYouALanguage.com – Olly Richards’ website, one of my favorite polyglot’s websites. There’s tons of information about how to improve your language skills.
  • Fluent Forever Blog

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