Without memory, there is no learning


Do you feel frustrated that no matter how long you study you can’t retain much of the information you learned?

Memory is one of the most essential tool for learning. I know the feeling because I speak four languages, and dabble in two more, three of them I learned on my own. However, Studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) helped me go a long way. My experience as a consecutive interpreter, and a journalist, helped me apply and master many memory techniques. That is one of the things that I can teach you when you learn English with me.

Are you worried that you are going to make mistakes in front of your business partners or colleagues? That’s where confidence is essential. It’s important to know that everybody makes mistakes. It is how you walk your way out of the mistakes that’s imp. This is what I will teach you. There are many cultural subtleties and expressions that you need to learn. I call it The art of making mistakes. After years of working internationally, whether in Europe or North America, as a non-native speaker, I learned how to easily make my way out of any mistake, whether it’s pronunciation or not knowing the meaning of a word. Remember, even native speakers don’t know all the ins and outs of their own language.

Do you want to feel more while speaking in social gatherings, interviews, and business meetings? Verbal communication stands for less than 30% of communication. The rest of the communication is non-verbal. I’ll teach you body language skills, and we will do mock- interviews, meetings, and presentations, to help you become a well-rounded communicator. My goal is to teach you how to communicate even though your language is limited.

Are you stuck in your learning process?

We will see where you are stuck in your language learning process, and we will re-create situations where you can practice your skills in a safe space, while I guide you objectively.

Think of me as your personal communication coach. My focus is on conversational English to Arabic, Farsi, and Spanish speakers. We will go through all kinds of topics with a focus on business especially if you are in the marketing and branding industry. I’ll teach you how to set the tone for your conversations written or verbal.

If you are eager to know more, book a trial lesson with me, and let’s start your new learning journey. During our trial lesson, we will talk about your language goals, and we will work towards these goals. We will also discuss what is holding you back in your language learning process, and find solutions.

Looking forward to meeting you in my trial lesson.

About me:

I’m Egyptian Canadian, living in Vancouver Canada. I lived in six different countries on four different continents, where I strived to learn the language of most of these countries and teach English. I have a B.A in English Literature. I’m also a certified Interpreter from Immigration and Citizenship Canada, and a fellow of the Institute of Arts and Journalism in Washington DC.

I speak four languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, and know a fair share of French and Turkish.

My background is in travel journalism, and working as a consecutive interpreter with refugees in Canada, and Denmark, coupled with my artsy background. I taught English for Spanish, Arabic, and Farsi Speakers and from many professional backgrounds.

My communication and language skills took me through an array of clients from working with tourism boards of countries to police investigators working on crisis negations.

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