I am always trying my best to help my students as much as I can. Feedback from my students not only makes me feel good about myself and more motivated but also is necessary to improve my teaching skills.

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Learning English has been possible thanks to Vinny's help. I have been taking classes with him for a few months now, after having looked for other options to learn a second language, no one gave me the confidence that I was looking for. From the first time I met him I knew he was the right one. He has always been willing to help me and clarify all the doubts I have. He tries to motivate me every day to learn new things, he engages me in conversations and allows me to get involved so that I can start developing new vocabulary. The classes are dynamic and not boring at all. I admire his effort to create a program that has helped me to learn and improve the pronunciation of many words. He is a great teacher, but above all a great person. Vinny thank you for all.
Flor Bautista
I started taking English classes with Vinny about 5 months ago. He uses a learning methodology that is very practical and fun. I really enjoy the process of learning English and feel very motivated thanks to his excellent AnkiMaster flashcards. They are very helpful! The system adapts to my brain's process, integrating new information quickly and efficiently. I no longer feel stuck in my process of learning English. Every day I learn something new. In a very short time, I have learned to communicate more confidently in English.
Diana Suarez
I love my classes with Vinny! He is patient, kind and positive person. I like the dynamic in Vinny's classes because he is always attentive to pronunciation and grammar, he writes corrections in the chat, and also he can suggest differents way to express some idea and that is cool so I highly recommend Vinny classes.
Gabriela Hernández
Software Developer
Vinny is a very committed, dedicated and patient teacher. Since taking classes with him, my vocabulary and pronunciation have improved significantly.
Linda Rodriguez
Banco de México
I have been studying with Vincent for more than two months. I feel progress. The classes are very interesting. Cool teacher. I recommend to everyone.
I highly recommend Vinny as English teacher. The lessons are always very interesting and fun. Vinny uses good material to explain grammar and learn new vocabulary. The topics are diverse. Vinny takes the time to analyze the needs of his student to help them in the most effective way possible. I use English regularly at work and I had difficulty with oral communication. I feel much more confident during meetings or when I have to present something.
Virginie Clark
Digital Marketing Officer
I have been studying English with Vincent for almost 1 year and I think he is the teacher I've worked with for the most time. I like the way Vinny teaches because he “pushes” me to speak, but he explains grammar as well. The lessons are always very interesting and fun. Vinny uses good material to learn new vocabulary and the topics are diverse. I highly recommend Vinny as an English teacher.
Giacomo Bufalini
I highly recommend Vinny's English classes. As a teacher, he is very patient and is always attentive to pronunciation and grammar. He writes corrections in the chat and this is very useful. He adapts the classes to my needs because speaking and listening are important for me, but always following his system. Not only that, he also recommended some resources to continue learning at home. In a few weeks, I noticed that I have improved my level.
David Cuervo Vicario
Vinny is a very positive person, the lessons with him are very interesting and fun. He's always prepared for classes, uses good material to explain grammar and learn new vocabulary. We cover many interesting and diverse topics. I am always looking forward to the next lessons. Vinny helped me a lot with my pronunciation and speaking skills. I learned a lot of new words. Grammar was my weak point. After lessons with Vinny, I understood it much better. I highly recommend Vinny as an English teacher. I use English regularly at work and I had difficulty with oral communication. After a few months of lessons, I feel much more confident with speaking English.
Bartłomiej Cień
Studying English with Vincent is exciting and productive. Vincent is very knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, and understands the psychology of studying a new language and a new culture. He offers multiple ways of learning English, from a structured to a more loose and free-flowing, depending on your preference. I can't recommend Vincent more.
Dennis Huivan
Studying with Vinny has totally revolutionized my perspective on how dealing with languages. Being able to memorize tons of words, being able to use them, to finally understand and most of all KEEP all this knowledge finally has become possible. At first it could be a little overwhelming in changing your approach but doing so and trusting in Vinny experience will lead you in achieving astonishing results in the long run. I would like to thank Vinny for the kindness that he shows with his students and the ability to solve any problem that you could be concerned about. Definitely the only teacher that has been reliable among all the ones that I previously had got in touch!!!
Andrea Millesoli
Vinny is great to work with in learning Spanish. He is patient and makes learning fun and easy. I look forward to my weekly lessons with Vinny. He encourages me and gives the feedback I need. He sets up lessons specific to m y needs. I highly recommend Vinny as a tutor for learning a second language.
Sandra Marvel
Vincent is very nice and patient with me. I am a beginner and that is excellent for when you are going to start studying a new language. He has very good resources to teach. It was difficult to find a teacher who could help me understand English well, because they all have different dynamics to teach; I really like the dynamic in Vincent's classes and it is easy for me to understand.
Great teacher, I like his stories and how he uses technology for teaching. Vinny is always sharing new learning methods with me.
Khalid Karam
AMAZING instructor!! Strongly recommend! I improved greatly in speaking and grammar!
Jim Guinn
I've been taking classes with Vinny for almost a year now and I really like Vinny's personalized approach to teach each of his students. He constantly asks for feedback from me and makes sure that I'm always improving my English skills. After I provide Vinny my feedback, Vinny will spend time doing some research and give me many great suggestions, both from his own experience and other people who are successful in learning English. I highly recommend Vinny as an English teacher for people at all different levels who want to improve.
Rui Zhang
Vinny is a very dynamic teacher, always looking to bring new ways to make our learning easier.​
Amanda Felix
I am learning with Vinny's AnkiMaster flashcard system and I am amazed at how quickly I am learning new words in Spanish. Vinny is flexible. He is very patient and willing to pause the lesson to answer my questions. He works around and adapts to technical difficulties.
Linda Siler
Vincent is a great teacher, very kind, careful and precise about my English weaknesses, about what we need to work on.
Maíra Reis
Vincent is a great teacher and he helps me improve my English. His lessons are always informative and entertaining too. I like his tools and learning methods he experiences himself by learning Spanish.
Markus Burri
Fantastic teacher! Every lesson is very interesting and helpful! Vincent is serious and dedicated teacher who explains things very clearly. He really wants to help his students learn English well. He is also very interesting, knowledgeable, and intelligent.
It is nice and relaxing to speak with Vincent to learn English. He helps me very much by correcting me, keeping notes of my mistakes and encouraging me to speak out. I absoltely recommend Vincent as a teacher for anyone.
I have been working with Vincent for 3 months in order to improve my accent. The learning techniques that Vincent uses in his lessons are good for both beginners and intermediate students. I want to say that I am fully satisfied with the results and I recommend choosing him as your teacher.
Vinny is very patient in teaching, very attentive to his pupil, and very polite. His lessons are really interesting. He tries to find what is interesting for the student. His speech is clean and slow. So you can easily understand him. I absolutely recommend Vinny! Studying English with him is a great pleasure!

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