Going too slow

AnkiMaster cards are meant to be studied quite fast. You shouldn’t spend more than 5-10 seconds with one card.  To avoid wasting time, make sure you are following the instructions for each card and focusing your attention on the right things. See The AnkiMaster System – How to study your cards.


Don’t worry if you forget a lot. Don’t feel bad or stupid. It’s normal to forget a word more than 20 times before it sticks. Have faith and give your brain some time to absorb the new information.

If you’ve seen the flashcard a million times but still can’t remember it, then I recommend deleting it. If it’s that difficult to remember, apparently your brain is not ready to learn it. Skip it for now. You can come back to it later.

Be honest when you grade yourself

Each AnkiMaster card is a “test.”  The only person taking this test is you because it’s a test designed just for you. Be completely honest when you grade yourself.  These grades are not like grades in school.  You can’t really fail.  You get to retry as many times as you need!  These grades help Anki read your memory and teach you the new information. Don’t lie to Anki! Anki is your friend.

Anki review takes too long

The default settings give you 100 reviews and 20 new cards in 1 day. This means you will review 100 cards from previous days plus 20 completely new cards. These are my recommended settings. Most people should be able to finish this routine in about 30 minutes. You can change these options in Anki’s settings to make your review shorter or longer.

Click the gear icon next to your Anki deck

Set the daily number of new cards. There are many settings here. These are the settings that you want to change.

You can change New cards/day and Maximum reviews/day. New cards/day should always be much higher than new cards. To make your daily routine shorter, you could set new cards/day to 10 and maximum reviews/day to 100. If you wanted to make your routine more intense, you could set new cards/day to 30 and maximum reviews/day to 150. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Slowing down

Sometimes you can’t study.  Sometimes you need to travel, you get sick, or you just get tired.  That’s ok. Before taking a break, consider slowing down instead. Maybe you’re trying to do too much in one day. SRS (spaced repetition software) works best when you use it every day.  Instead of quitting completely, just do 10 minutes of Anki review. Reduce or cut out your input time (reading/listening to English).  Don’t add any new words to Anki. This will make your study time much shorter.

Continue reading and listening to English

While taking a break, make sure to continue getting input. Always bring a book with you. Make sure you have some podcasts or audiobooks to listen to on your phone. You don’t have to do any sentence mining. Just enjoy getting some input.

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