Follow the tutorial below to set up torrents on your computer.

Download and install qBittorrent

Go to to download the application for downloading torrents. Download the appropriate version for your computer. Simply open the file and follow the installation process.

Click on the finished download

This application is safe. Click Run.

Continue through the steps of the installation process.

That’s it for installing qBittorrent.

Using qBittorrent

You will use qBittorrent to download files with the links in this guide. When you click on the links, you will see a page like this:

Click on the magnet link. When you see this window click “Open qBittorrent”

The next window will allow you to choose where to save the files. You can choose the Downloads folder or create more folders to organize the files better, as you can see in the screenshot below. Click ok to start the download.

That’s it. Your computer is ready to download torrents!

Using a VPN and not getting caught (optional)

Using a VPN is optional. I’ve downloaded torrents at home without a VPN many times without any trouble but some people may get warnings from their ISP (Internet Service Provider). Using a VPN will make your torrenting activity undetectable to your ISP.

There are many VPN providers. I can recommend TorGuard VPN. I’ve been using them for many years.

Their normal prices are about $10/month but they have discounted prices for longer subscriptions. I’m paying a discounted price of $30/year.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, open the VPN application. You can select any server your want but I recommend using a server in a country that speaks your language.

Click Connect.

Now you can download torrents completely anonymously.

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