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Have you ever found a great picture for your flashcard, but the word that you want to learn is in the picture?? Isn’t that annoying?

There is an answer to this. Greenshot! Greenshot is a screenshot software. It lets you take pictures of your screen. Then you can modify the pictures with the simple image editor.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to

  • Remove unwanted words from your pictures
  • Enhance your pictures with arrows, X’s and other symbols

Remove unwanted words

Press Print Scr. Click and drag your mouse to form a box around the image.

Click Open in image editor

Press the letter “o”. Click and drag your mouse over the unwanted words

To make the meaning even more clear, I can put an X over the picture the says near. Press “L” to make a line.

Make the line thicker.

Draw one more line.

Press Ctrl+C or click File->Copy to clipboard

Paste the image to your flashcard.

Extra Tips

Here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Greenshot:

  • L – draw line
  • A – draw arrow
  • R – draw rectangle
  • E – draw ellipse (circle)
  • O – obfuscate (make text blurry)

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