AnkiMaster is a fun, fast, and effective way to develop and enhance your speaking, listening and reading skills in English and Spanish. AnkiMaster will help you

  • Increase your vocabulary and recall
  • Improve your listening and comprehension
  • Have more fluency in conversation
  • Pronounce words more accurately and with confidence

AnkiMaster is a unique system. It teaches you new words easily with pictures that are personal and meaningful to you. You can use these flashcards by yourself for free, or with the help of our AnkiMaster flashcard team.

Language is made of sound, and AnkiMaster flashcards teach you through the combination of pictures and sound. We combine Anki’s flashcard technology with real native speakers to create a completely unique learning experience for every student.

Say goodbye to Dualingo and Rosetta Stone. Nothing is more powerful and more fun than AnkiMaster’s combination of advanced learning methods and technology with native speakers.

How does it work?

AnkiMaster flashcards are completely personalized for each student. Every flashcard has a unique combination of images, sound and text. There are multiple flashcards for each new word. Each flashcard trains your brain in a different way.

In this video you can see examples of the different cards.

These are not just ordinary flashcards. This is a method for learning languages very quickly and much more easily than other methods. It’s also very fun and entertaining. The learner creates a unique learning experience through their personal combination of sentences, pictures, and sounds.

Primary Cards

The AnkiMaster system has three primary flashcards to teach you new vocabulary.

New Word Card

This flashcard basically introduces a new word. You can see the full context of the word, images related to the word and the definition. You have to guess the word.

Picture-Word Card

This flashcard is almost the same but it doesn’t include the context of the sentence. You have to look at the pictures and definition and guess the word.

Word-sentence Card

This is the most difficult flashcard. You have to say a sentence using the word you see on the front. You can unhide the image to give you a hint. After you flip the card you will see a sentence.

Secondary “Helper” Cards

There are also secondary “helper cards” that help you train specific skills.

  • Pronunciation Card
  • Spelling Card
  • Grammar cards
  • Inflected Form Cards to memorize irregular verb tenses
  • Translation cards with your native language

Input-based learning

AnkiMaster is designed to be used with Input-based learning.

Student Feedback

Read this recent student feedback about how AnkiMaster Flashcards helped my student Rui expand his vocabulary and improve his fluency.

How long have you been using AnkiMaster flashcards?6+ months
How often do you use AnkiMaster flaschards?A few times a week
How do you use AnkiMaster to help you learn English/Spanish?Help me remember new words
How easy was it to understand how AnkiMaster works?Easy
AnkiMaster flashcards are fun to use.Strongly agree
AnkiMaster flashcards help me learn English/Spanish better and faster.Strongly agree
AnkiMaster is better, more effective and more fun than other language learning products like Dualingo.Strongly agree
I will continue to use AnkiMaster to help me improve my English/Spanish.Yes! Definitely!
Do you have any other comments to share about the AnkiMaster flashcard system?Ankimaster is so far the best tool I’ve used to help with my English. In the past, I had difficult times learning new words and I always mix up the meanings of different words. But with Ankimaster, learning new words becomes much easier,

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