Learning Resources

AnkiMaster has everything you need to learn English from beginner to advanced. We have an entire library of high-quality, interactive lesson content.

AnkiMaster English lessons also include lots of great things to help you learn English outside of class such as homework assignments, flashcards, and reading/listening content. You can always continue learning English after your lesson with our online resources.

Free placement test

We will provide you with a complete placement test that will analyze your level of English. We will use the results of your test to create a personalized curriculum just for you.

Personalized Off2Class curriculum

After analyzing your placement test results, we will give you a personalized curriculum.

Off2Class Lesson Library

Off2Class has everything you need to learn English from beginner to advanced. See the full lesson library.

AnkiMaster Flashcards

This is my secret weapon. AnkiMaster flashcards are a fun, fast, and effective way to develop and enhance your speaking, listening and reading skills in English.

Google drive resources

Our Google drive resources include dictionaries, books, comic books, podcasts, and flashcards. Continue listening to, reading, and watching content in English all the time. We have everything you need to completely immerse yourself in English 24/7.

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