Why AnkiMaster Spanish Lessons?

Learn right from the beginning

In my experience learning and teaching languages, I’ve seen many students waste so much time because of a lack of knowledge of how to learn a new language. Consequently, they have very poor and inefficient study habits. Many people have studied their target language for years but still can’t speak fluently and communicate with native speakers. 

Study smart and learn fast!

I help you avoid wasting all this time by teaching you effective and efficient study habits. I will make sure you are always progressing by using proven techniques that have worked for me and many other students I have worked with. With my expert guidance you will be speaking fluently and making friends in no time!

What’s included with AnkiMaster Lessons?

Learn from a REAL language expert

Learn from a real language expert. I have been traveling the world and learning languages for over 10 years. I’ve studied three different languages in my life including Thai, Japanese and Spanish.

I have extensive experience teaching English in many different places with many different people and cultures. I have lived in and taught English in several different countries including Thailand, South Korea and Japan. I am culturally conscious and will help you not only learn the language but learn about the culture and the people as well.

Course Materials Included

All course materials included. I will provide books, audio programs, videos, and other fun, engaging content so that you can continue learning all the time.

AnkiMaster Flashcards

Anki is one of the most popular tools among polyglots, the champions of language learning. Anki is a complete flashcard software that will teach you new vocabulary grammar without using any translations. Anki teaches you with pictures and sound.

Coaching and emotional support

Learning a language is a long, long process. You’re going to get tired and want to give up sometimes but I will support and encourage you as a coach and mentor until you are satisfied with your level of Spanish.

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