Yoga Lessons


Welcome to the Yoga Lesson Store. You can buy and schedule your Yoga lessons here. 

Online Classes
For all levels
Group Classes
Beginner to intermediate level,
  • Up to 10 students
Personalized Classes
For all levels
  • Up to 5 students

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Lesson Prices

Each class lasts for 75 minutes including warm-up and the final savasana resting pose.

Video Resources

Practice the Yoga sequence at home with videos

What's included in the price?

I will provide a detailed PDF of the entire yoga sequence along with a video that you can take home and practice with by yourself.


I offer group classes on Sundays and private classes throughout the week.

Group Classes

Sundays, 4PM CST. Classes are held in a private residence in Green Bay.

Personalized Yoga Classes

Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM CST

Online Classes

Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM CST